Who We Are?

For over thirty two years sam's photographic has provided our clientele promptly with professional and personalized services in a boutique environment.We represent a team of photographers who are familiar with a variety of traditions and cultures. Combining an editorial and photojournalistic approach, they will capture every moment, emotion and detail of your special event.Our photographic knowledge enables us to provide our clients with fully integrated, editing, design and layout expertise; which will please even the most discerning client.Our bespoke style blends reportage - capturing spontaneous moments in time - with creative,fun photography and elements of portraiture, fine art and fashion. We spend time getting to know you, your style, your personality and your wishes, to create a photography service that is unique to you.


Adorning the special moments of life that tend to be relived again even after they have passed away. This is done via our photography skills which not just makes you smile, but also revives the fact that Studio 9 believes in, ''Every moment has a memory of its own''


we recommened the presence of two professional photographers on your wedding day which will cover all the special moments of the ceremony. The decision to have two photographers is a choice that aims at increasing the quality of the photographic service while ensuring the maximum coverage of the wedding. This allows to express a particular photographic style through the union of two different but complementary photographic visions. natural because the service we provide is a photographic story of your special wedding day and not just individual portrait images. The images will be a representation of the candid and natural interaction which will take place in the surrounding environment and with the people present without forcing the images into poses.